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To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Ryan Vicars of Vicars Construction. Throughout the past few years, Mr. Vicars has built several residential houses for my development company. During the building process, Mr. Vicars has been a consummate professional. He completed construction on time and under budget in many cases. In addition to fulfilling his contractual requirements, Mr. Vicars went above and beyond his obligations by offering timely advice and adding important details to each house. The extras that Mr. Vicars provided were noted by the purchasers of each house as a reason for selecting the house. This factor alone is what I attribute to selling houses in a challenging market.

In addition to his impeccable knowledge and skill as a builder, Mr. Vicars has proven to be a man of character and integrity. In many instances, builders have the opportunity to inflate costs for their own benefit. In financial and billing matters, Mr. Vicars has maintained transparency that is reassuring. Additionally, he has made efforts to save money for me at every step. His advice about the most important and effective ways to build houses with detail and distinction sets him apart from other builders with whom I have worked.

As a result of his performance on investment homes, I recently contracted Mr. Vicars to do improvements to my personal residence. As expected, the work has been completed without incident and with exceptional skill. Mr. Vicar’s attention to detail and commitment to keeping the work area clean and safe has been a blessing for my family.

I have come to admire Mr. Vicars not only for his professional qualities but also for his dedication to his and community. His recent donation to a fund raiser that I held for Shriner’s children’s Hospital in Greenville county is just one example.

If you have any further questions about my experiences with Vicars Construction or Mr. Ryan Vicars, please feel free to contact me.(phone number can be given when requested)

Chris J. Ferguson. Ed. D.